The purpose of this highly-interactive workshop is to develop the presentation skills of Healthcare Professionals as confident and powerful medical presenters, able to develop and sustain audience rapport by understanding audience, developing the ability to sustain audience rapport and use the skills required to communicate in a memorable influential manner. Audience will be judging the medical presenter on how competently is the delivery of the message, not just on the message itself. HCPs will learn effective techniques to manage state of mind and build confidence when speaking in group meetings, seminars, conferences and even in public. Also HCPs will learn how to structure their presentations to be memorable, impactful and meaningful. The workshop has an effective system of feedback which will enable each HCP to develop his/her medical presentation skills and practice his/her own presentation techniques.

  • Practiced projecting and vary the pitch, pace and tone of their voice to gain and retain audience interest and reinforce the presentation messages, when public speaking.
  • Used posture and movement to give additional impact to verbal messages rather than distract or irritate the audience.
  • Reviewed how to prepare presentations and visual aids to be interesting, persuasive and to communicate key messages.
  • Identified the best ways to interact with the audience, control and handle challenging individuals.
  • Applied their learning to a work medical presentation and received feedback on their style and impact in presenting.

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