The EDGE PLUS SELLING program is a highly-interactive dynamic workshop designed for experienced sales reps to advance their selling and negotiation skills empowering them to leverage insights in strategic sales dialogues. The program improves your experienced sales team’s ability to share build long-term partnerships with their customers and insights that create value in the buying experience. The program framework is explored in the EDGE PLUS training workshop that gives experienced sales professionals a consistent, deep advanced process to more effectively execute their sales missions.

7 PHASED COMPETENCY PROCESS fuel and support the Framework, with more understanding of Customer Emotional Intelligence and Product Adoption Curve to helping sales professionals leverage their technical excellence and use every sales skill available to open more doors, better understand customer needs, more persuasively articulate value, and close more deals.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon completing the EDGE PLUS training program, your experienced sales team will be better able to:

  • Prepare for and lead an insight-based dialogue
  • Map competitive advantages to potential HCPs’ business issues (i.e., challenges and opportunities) based on research/knowledge, emotional intelligence and product adoption status
  • Effectively prepare and leverage insight-driven selling planning tools to tailor a compelling storyline that creates value for HCPs
  • Apply Partnership-based Dialogue Models to effectively establish, reinforce, and maintain an environment of collaboration and mutual respect that fosters new and value-added thinking about how to achieve the customer’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Make in-the-dialogue decisions to further explore, prompt, and shape HCP thinking to align perceptions and build long-term partnership around the true nature of a customer issue and how to best address it
  • Develop a range of negotiation strategies and an understanding of when to use them to maximize outcomes

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