Breaking into new key accounts is a vital part of the sales process, maintaining and developing them is another. This can be done by understanding the target key account’s market, buying motivation and decision-making process. Account managers can create an ‘Account Profile’, which will help them create a sales strategy. This will improve the chance of selling more of your organizations products/services. This highly-interactive workshop will look at how your team can manage business relationships in new and existing key accounts. By managing a target key account well, whether it is new or existing, they will help to differentiate your company from your competitors. This will also build confidence and trust in them as account managers in order to maximize their chances in future sales opportunities.

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Targeting new accounts
  • Getting more out of your existing customers
  • Building better successful business relationships
  • To become a better multifunctional account manager
  • Understanding Organizational Priorities
  • Strategic Account and Opportunity Planning
  • Joint Solution Development, Co-Creation and Reaching Agreement
  • Overall Relationship and Outcome Management

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