This two day workshop is for those who wish to refresh and/or enhance their existing negotiation skills, or those new to negotiation. The workshop will be highly interactive and will operate through a mix of lectures, exercises and case study scenarios. The intention of this workshop is to familiarize you with the essential components of effective negotiation skills.
During the workshop, participants will be able to understand why win/win is the only sustainable relationship strategy in today’s difficult economic conditions, recognize own existing negotiation styles and learn some alternative effective styles, plan for an effective negotiation and explain the phases of the negotiation process.

By the end of the workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Identify existing negotiation style & discover some alternative strategies
  • Understand the pre-requisites for a successful negotiation
  • Learn how to plan for an effective negotiation
  • Discuss the phases of the negotiation process
  • Gain an overview of the negotiation model of principled negotiation
  • Discover how to use your interpersonal and communication skills to enhance your success in negotiations

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