The VALUE SELLING PROGRAM is a highly-interactive workshop designed for Product Specialists to advance their value selling competencies to empower them leveraging HCPs insights in strategic sales dialogues, understanding the structured process of selling Face to Face, Screen to Screen & Telephone to Telephone to build and use a tangible value proposition to sell value.

The program improves your experienced team’s ability to build long-term partnerships with their HCPs to create value in the buying experience. The value selling 5-Phased Framework is explored in the training workshop that gives product specialists a consistent, deep advanced process to more effectively execute their value-based sales missions.

Key Learning Objectives

The Value Selling Program improves product specialists’ performance by:

  • Define Value Selling and explain why it is crucial to creating value and winning business
  • Apply the Value Selling Framework to engage HCP in a customer-focused dialogue to develop relationships and increase sales results
  • Identify the 6 Critical Skills [ Plan – Connect – Uncover – Fulfil – Commit – Follow-up ] that allow product specialists to leverage strengths to create a value-based dialogue that fosters the trust needed to surface HCP needs, communicate in a compelling way and close business
  • Understand the science of Cognitive Dissonance and how objections arise and apply a model to defuse defensiveness to resolve resistance
  • Build awareness of their current approach to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve selling strategies and skills
  • Apply guidelines for giving and receiving feedback to ensure ongoing development

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