Modern organizations currently face many challenges which impact people at all levels. Investing in the improvement of management and leadership skills is an essential way to ensure that the organization receives a high level of return in the form of productivity and results. Added benefits include a highly motivated workforce who are better equipped to deal with the current demanding climate where change is constant and staff have to do ‘more with less’..

SUPREME 3-day workshop provides you with a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of your skills, whether you are focusing on managing the impact of change or transition, building a high performance team, or developing the trust, enthusiasm and mutual support of your employees. Working with a range of practical tools, frameworks and techniques, along with the benefit of the combined experience of the expert trainer and fellow delegates, this workshop is guaranteed to improve your management and leadership styles

  • Understand the core roles, responsibilities and differences between a Manager and a Leader.
  • Define your management style, performance management, delegation and empowerment styles.
  • Communicate effectively one to one and in team meetings.
  • Understand team dynamics, assess and improve individual and team energy and performance.
  • Enhance your planning and organizational skills.
  • Set objectives, conduct proactive performance reviews and develop talent through coaching and feedback.
  • Motivate, inspire and engage teams.
  • Run effective team meetings

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