Each participant plays the role of a product manager at a medical device manufacturer. Customers report a series of critical problems with the company’s newly launched blood glucose monitor. Each learner receives a barrage of communications about the problem — via email, video messages, voicemail, and instant message chats — and must quickly determine the root cause of the issue and make recommendations on how to proceed.

The simulation explores issues related to human judgment, cognitive bias, decision-making, and root cause analysis during a crisis.



Participants learn how to play the simulation by guiding them through the “How to Play” video and gameplay guide. Next they watch an introductory video with key information about Matterhorn Health, blood glucose monitoring, the development of the GlucoGauge device, and the unfolding situation.

Once they Start the Simulation, participants begin receiving messages from their Matternhorn Health colleagues via email, video, voicemail, and chat. When a new message arrives, it appears in a notification bar at their laptops, as well as on the associated application in their screens’ sidebar. The facilitator guides the participants to view the inbound messages until they are ready to deal with them. All messages are saved in the associated app.


Key Learning Objectives

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