Doing Marketing is not the same as Leading Marketing.

CEOs are buying into the idea of being more market oriented and innovative, to navigate in today’s challenging and ever-changing business world.

Up until now, most marketing leaders have probably been putting most of their eggs in the marketing skills basket. That is, they know how to do things like position the brand and create promotions that customers love.

An effort that is praised and commended for becoming experts in those things. But as this program will show; those skills are not enough to maximize business impact and career success.

Alongside their expertise in marketing skills, Marketing leaders must also become experts in marketing leadership – a different skills basket.




Leading marketing isn’t just about serving the customer. It’s also about increasing and using knowledge, and marketing’s influence inside the organization to improve the end-to-end customer experience.

It’s about mobilizing your boss, your colleagues, your team, and yourself to maximize the overlap between customers’ and company’s needs.



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